Jack's casino - What can you expect in the near future?

Jack's casino - What can you expect in the near future?


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Jack’s casino review

We have been at home for a year because of the corona pandemic, but the end is near. More and more offline casinos are allowed to open their doors to Dutch players. Since September 25, we can also visit Jack’s casino again, a trusted Dutch gambling platform with more than 30 gaming halls all over the Netherlands.

Therefore, in this article we are not going to talk too much about the history of this offline casino. Instead, we want to go through what the current situation is with these gaming halls. In fact, due to the pandemic, a lot has changed. First of all, you have to show a valid corona receipt upon arrival. You can easily do this through the CoronaCheck app. This requires you to be fully vaccinated or have recently taken a test.

In the gaming halls themselves, little has changed. You can still play for real money on unique games and admission is still free. If you’re more into sports betting, there are some interesting sporting events you can gamble on soon. For example, we are very much looking forward to the fight between Verhoeven and Overeem. Furthermore, it is turbo jackpot month in October. So you have twice the chance of winning that big jackpot. Then the prize is paid out directly to the player.

Finally, there is a new Jack’s loyalty program called Luckey. It is free registration for the VIP program. Then you can receive a Jack’s casino bonus each time you visit, such as free spins or extra play money. The avid online gambler is probably already familiar with similar bonuses at the top online casino. Now you can also visit offline casinos for a Jack’s bonus code.

Variation of games

Before we could play online and gamble on games such as Lighting Roulette, most Dutch gamblers went to the gaming halls to place a bet. Established in 2003, Jack’s was one of first arcades on the market. Since then they have expanded rapidly and today every gambler knows that Jack’s casino is reliable.

Jack’s casino Spellen

There are several games you can play at Jack’s real money. First, there are numerous classic slot machines, such as Random Runner and Golden Oldie. But there are also unique video slots that you can’t find anywhere else. Play your favorite game and choose from too numerous other games offered. There are also special games you can play during major sporting events. At the moment, Jack’s is completely in the theme of Glory Kickboxing. Therefore, keep a close eye on their website for special events.

Jack’s casino live dealer

In the process, new players can get a detailed explanation from the staff on how to place their next bet. At some branches, it is even possible to try out the games with Jack’s free spins. This way you can try out the various games without doing a breakdown. Also on the Jack’s website you can find more information about all the games on offer and their rules.

Bonuses and loyalty program

Since early October, every player must identify themselves when entering an arcade. To make this process easier and faster, nowadays you can create a Jack’s account. This gives you instant access to all gaming halls. Enter your personal data upon entry to receive the Luckey card immediately.

Jack’s casino Bonussen

Then activate your account at the website account.luckey.co.uk to qualify for a Jack’s bonus code. On the website, you can learn more about the bonus terms for using a Luckey card. In short, you can earn points for depositing and wagering real money. Therefore, you could think of it as a Jack’s casino deposit bonus because you receive a bonus after each deposit.

Finally, there is a handy app, which allows you to see how many points you have accumulated. The app also allows you to enter exclusive member lotteries. These allow you to win big cash prizes. However, always keep in mind the Jack’s bonus conditions. This is because you may win a cash prize to wager at the casino.

Customer Service

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If you have questions about how make a deposit or the loyalty program, you can always contact customer service. There are several ways to get in touch with them. On Jack’s website, you can find the email address and phone number. In addition, there is an extensive contract form that allows you to get in touch with the specific casino. Moreover, it is stated on the website that you will always receive a reply within 3 business days.

In addition, it is of course also possible, to visit Jack’s gaming halls. Here you can speak to an employee and get immediate answers to your questions. In addition, each employee can also explain to you about the games offered.

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